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the devil made me do it

goldelocks stew

dirty harry


His words flow like gentle rivers

Washing over me

Delightfully lingering upon my subconscious

As he renders me helpless

Leaving me lost within his haunting desires

Such a beauty

Is spoken with this masculine tongue

As his pen glides upon the page

An enviable weapon of seduction

He calls to me

Enticing me with this gift so intriguing

It takes my breath away

Ragged and broken down

His spirit never willing to give up the fight

He fears what he will become

Should he deny this instinct

A tormenting mass of emotions and unspoken thoughts

Scattered in a beautiful disarray of verse

His appearance his disguise

As he loses himself within the pages of love and lust

Heartache and trust

Things that never were

And some that never should have been

These moments

Subtly recreated with the ink

That he knows

Only few understand




I wish you would stop these mindless games

Drawing me in only to push me away

So many chances given

Thrown back in my face

Time and time again

I believed in you when others didn’t

I confided in you

I had hopes

That you were still the person you used to be

Only to experience the painful sting of betrayal

And for what?

Why do I even fucking care?

Your greed and apathy sicken my soul

As the words spill from my mind

I realize

I’m done with this bullshit

This act

The false pretenses that comprise my day

As I try to be the better person

And pretend I care

About you

And your well-being


All I really wish

Is slowly burning in my thoughts

Yet never


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